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This Summer Lose up to 5 Kilos

(or more)

The following tips are tried and tested. So rest assured and…


Step One: Find the motivation. Losing weight takes a lot of strong will and determination to abstain from food that you love. Tell yourself that fitness enables you to be the best you you can be. It teaches you to strive rather than to settle.


Step Two: Once you’re in that mind frame make the following changes to your lifestyle:

1. Drink lots of water: Water helps you feel fuller in your stomach. It kills your appetite and makes you feel fresher. A good practise is to drink 2-3 glasses of water before every meal. This helps reduce your portions by making you feel fuller sooner than usual.


2. Make changes in your diet: Remember only dieting can never make you thinner because only exercise burns fat. Reducing portions helps reduce your caloric intake which helps with the weight loss process.

3. Reduce Carbohydrate Intake: Needless to say eliminate all fried fatty food but one should not forget that carbs are the real culprits. They increase the level of insulin in your body that impedes fat burning and encourages its storage. Eliminate all sugary foods from your diet. Have fruit if you crave something sweet. Don’t add sugar to your tea or coffee (trust me you’ll soon get used to its absence). You should have a maximum of 50 grams of carbs daily for rapid weight loss and a 100 grams for gradual weight loss. Eat proteins instead or healthier carbs (complex carbs) with lower glycemic index.


4. Cardio Workout: Workout for at least 30 minutes daily. Swimming is a great cardio exercise that also invigorates you and helps you beat the summer heat. It is normally too hot to go outdoors for a run or a jog in the summer so try working out on an elliptical trainer instead. They have proved very helped in my weight loss regime.


This is all harder than it sounds but with the right amount of determination nothing is impossible. So best of luck and let me know if you have any questions.

One comment on “This Summer Lose up to 5 Kilos

  1. moldovak
    October 15, 2017

    its a great advice thanks !


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