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Paris Haute Couture Week Round Up #Vogue

Click to see the best runway looks!


Fall-Winter 2013-14 collections were presented from 30th June to 4th July 2013

June 30th

Atelier Versace

00070h_20130630232754 00140h_20130630232808 00180h_20130630232809 00280h_20130630232820

July 1st

Christian Dior

00090h_20130701180527 00240h_20130701180559 00310h_20130701180557 00330h_20130701180550 00520h_20130701180629

Juny 2nd


0310h_20130702142243 0330h_20130702142247

Giorgio Armani Privé

00040h_20130702212500 00070h_20130702212508 00120h_20130702212521 00240h_20130702212531 00270h_20130702212535

July 3rd

Elie Saab

00020h_20130703155104 00050h_20130703155112 00090h_20130703155117 00100h_20130703155122 00130h_20130703155132 00170h_20130703155130 00360h_20130703155200 00470h_20130703155217


0080h_20130703224117 0180h_20130703224135 0190h_20130703224145 0350h_20130703224220 0380h_20130703224207 0410h_20130703224221 0570h_20130703224243


2 comments on “Paris Haute Couture Week Round Up #Vogue

  1. lastchance79
    July 19, 2013

    I love the second Saab dress. Something about those pockets makes it fun and oddly feminine :o)


    • samtotally
      July 19, 2013

      The Elie Saab line was my favourite! You should check out his Bridal Couture. It’s so pretty and feminine!


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