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How To Lose Upto 5 Kilos In A Month

So I started my diet around 10th June and now I’m thankfully 10lbs lighter. Here’s what worked for me. Follow these Dos and Don’ts and let me know if they work for you as well! Hope this helps!

What I did:

  • Set a weight target
  • Used the App MyFitness Pal on my iPhone to keep a diary of everything I ate during the day.
  • Cut down carbohydrates to under 50 grams daily. And under 100 grams on weekends.
  • Had a lot of protien instead.
  • Had three meals a day
  • Had small amounts of fried food just twice since the 10th of June (such treats are important to keep you going)
  • Had fresh cream cake once as well
  • Had almonds when I felt like snacking
  • Cheated once with a pack of Doritos
  • Had 2-3 glasses of water before meals
  • Had at leat 2 litres of water throughout the day
  • Did regular cardio
  • Jumped rope
  • Exercised on the elliptical on weekends for 20-30 minutes.
  • Slept for at least 8 hours every night
  • Weighed myself only once every week

What I didn’t do:

  • Starve myself (I was completely full at all times of the day)
  • Overdoing exercise. I would swim a maximum of five times a week for 30-40 minutes.
  • Eat right after cardio. I always waited an hour after my workout to eat.
  • Give in to my cravings. If you crave carbs you can fool your body by having eggs cooked in a tablespoon of olive oil. The olive oil helps satiate such cravings.
  • Have baked goods. Bran bread is okay but since each slice is around 90 calories, having just one is enough.
  • Have biscuits especially digestives. Each are 70 calories and aren’t filling at all.
  • Have desserts
  • Having the same large portions of food. Even if you are now having healthy food like salads etc make sure you reduce your portions. Shrinking your appetite is a huge part of weight loss.
  • Take a day off from my diet
  • Eat rice or any kind of pasta since they’re both loaded with huge amounts of carbs
  • Weight training. Because cardio is more important if you want to focus on just losing weight. I will get to toning my muscles once I eliminate the excess fat.
  • Have sugary beverages. I stick to water usually and have green tea with a little honey if I feel like drinking something sweet.
  • Have processed food. Every thing I ate was home cooked. That way I could keep better track of what it was comprised of.

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