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Can’t Buy Me Love #BeYourself


So, Day 2 of of my 80s movies infatuation and I chose to watch Can’t Buy Me Love. I have to say I’m loving the eighties optimism. Geeky guy gets the popular girl, everyone lives happily ever after. Too cheesy for you? Oh well, I won’t have any of that criticism because we all do indeed love Disney. So as far as my advice goes, I think too much reality can take a toll on us. So once in a while I believe it’s a good practise to escape the mundanities of life and get lost in a 90 minute fairytale which makes you feel like anything can be possible.

Plus there is no such thing as too much optimism. Hope makes the world go round.

Can’t Buy Me Love comes with the message to ‘Be Yourself’. It reminded me of an Oscar Wilde quote which was: “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” Ronald Miller teaches us to be proud of ourselves, no one is better than anyone else and that we’re all special in our own way. These things may sound too clichéd to you but if conveyed as beautifully as in Can’t Buy Me Love they can have the potential to change your outlook towards life.

So if this guy…


turns out to be like this…


and this…

images (1) Then even if life seems to suck at times, overall it isn’t all that bad after all.


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