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Best Way To Get Rid Of Acne Fast – Actually Works!

I’m 19 now and thankfully acne isn’t one of the concerns I fret about on regular basis. But only a few years ago I remember trying numerous products for treating my acne to finally discover what worked best. I’m aware of the fact that skin type differs from person to person and some products may suit some but not others. However, for all its worth the following products were quite helpful in treating and preventing acne for me. I have been suggesting these to quite a few of my friends and they have been working equally well for their unique skin types. I hope this helps!

#1 NOXEMA Triple Clean Anti-Bacterial Lathering Cleanser


Having tried every face wash from Nutrogena Deep Clean to Clean and Clear, this provided the best results. It helps zap existing blemishes while preventing new ones from occurring. I would use this twice a day. This was also a very good makeup remover.

#2 PROACTIV 3-Step System


I never really used the toner that came with it so I will refrain from commenting on that. I would use this only when I had a certain active, mother of a pimple. These contain benzoyl peroxide which works like magic on acne.

CAUTION: I have fairly sensitive skin and I noticed that the continued use of the product over-dried my skin. So this treatment is not for daily regular use. I would use it only when I had one of those big zits that make you want to wear a brown bag over your head.


As far as the Step-1 Renewing Cleanser is concerned, just a single wash would reduce redness and the size of pimples.


The Step-3 Repairing Treatment is sort of a cream. This was my favourite part. Normally before going to bed I would leave a bit of it on to cover all active pimples. The would be much smaller when I’d wake up in the morning.

Hope this helps and saves you a few skin experiments! 🙂



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