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The Internship – The Longest Google Advert Ever?

Just finished watching #5 from my ’10 Must See Movies for Summer 2013′ list (, The Internship. After just one year as a business school student, I’ve dreamed about working at Google. It’s truly everywhere! It’s my homepage, it’s my search bar, it’s my mailbox and yes it’s a movie now. Despite reading just about everywhere how the movie was a two hour long Google advert with just too much ‘googliness’, I was still excited to watch this movie. I was expecting two things: (1) to laugh of course because the trailer was pretty funny and (2) to get an up close look into the company’s highly impressive new age ways. More on my expectations later!

So Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are salesmen who recently lost their jobs and smartly impress the interviewers over at Google to get the company’s coveted internship as ‘Nooglers’.


With zero tech-savyness but tons of experience they have to compete with a bunch of the nation’s smartest college graduates to land a job at the company. Shunned by most as the oldest interns on the program, they end up with a bunch of rejects who nobody wants in their groups. Will the rejects succeed in collaborating as a team in order to win the challenges tossed at them? Well you’d keep guessing until to watch the movie.


I had a good time watching the movie and I’d say my expectations were somewhat met. The movie had a whole lot of ‘Googliness’ in it. Despite the fact that the movie was actually shot at Atlanta’s Georgia Tech campus, some of the exterior shots were of the actual Google Mountain View campus in California. The movie shows Google’s self-driving car, the campus’ clown bikes, nap room and much of the volley ball playing culture.

As far as the comedy factor goes the movie could have done better. You put Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in one movie just like The Wedding Crashers, one naturally expects a ton of LOL moments. But despite the presence of some really funny dialogues in the first half of the movie, the second half of the movie fails to keep you entertained. There is tons of chemistry between the Vaughn-Wilson duo but there is something inherently missing in the movie that gives us a hint of how enjoyable it could’ve been but in reality fails to deliver on that.

Also it’s very hard for me to believe that two guys who have absolutely no knowledge of computing or technology manage to work their way into a highly competitive internship program.


However, the movie had a few shinning moments. One was where we see Vaughn and Wilson’s amazing chemistry while they’re answering the classic ‘nickel sized men in a blender’ interview question. The second was one involving Professor Xavier and for the third I’d give you the dialogue that I found specifically moving.

“You had the courage to dream. In spite of your obvious and astonishing limitations, you never gave up on that dream”.

A great message that teaches us all to keep on believing in our dreams and ourselves.

2 comments on “The Internship – The Longest Google Advert Ever?

  1. CMrok93
    July 26, 2013

    Yeah, this movie was a bit of a bore and just wasn’t funny. At all, really. Good review.


    • samtotally
      July 26, 2013

      Hey Dan! Thanks 🙂 I really appreciate your comments.


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