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Quick Microwave Mug Omelette

Eggs are super important in our diet. They contain all essential amino acids and are the best low-cal breakfast you could imagine with only 70 calories in each egg. I hate boiled eggs and generally prefer scrambled eggs or an omelette. In college you generally don’t have time to cook things over the stove and you tend to go for easy alternatives such as snacks. I heavily relied on instant noodles that literally take 5 minutes in the microwave but are unfortunately packed with around 200 calories per pack.¬†This is one great recipe that has been helpful throughout my first year at college. I hope all you reader like it as much as I did!


The time duration may differ depending on the type of microwave you’re using. At home it takes around 2 minutes to prepare while at my college it takes a little longer.

Ideas for Add-ins:

– Basil

– Paprika

– Roasted Red Chilli Flakes

– Oregano

– Any kind of meat that you might like. I have been using pepperoni, shredded leftover chicken, hunter beef/chicken, sausages etc. Make sure they’re cooked because the short microwave cooking time only ensures that the egg is well-cooked.

– Finely diced veggies (don’t get too creative with this because the cooking time is not that long). I have been using green chillies, onions and tomatoes.

– Garlic

– Cottage Cheese (I used it because it doesn’t melt and blend into the omelette. I like having the cottage cheese chunks come up in the middle of the omelette bites)

You can get as creative as you want by putting a strip of turkey bacon or perhaps a slice of bologna or salami at the bottom.

Vegetable Cup Omelettes


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