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Sam’s Choice Food Awards – Top 10

[The #1 on this list will blow your mind – Guaranteed taste bud pleaser!]

If you haven’t figured it out yet I woke up with a serious case of the munchies. It’s just one of those times when you crave every yummy food item ever created on Earth. So since I’m on a diet, I can’t really eat any of these yummy delights. All I can do is look at their pictures (which is surprisingly satisfying). Thought I should share!

10. The 20 inch Pizza

14th street pizza

Best when it’s:

– Topped with lots of cheese and meat

– Low on sauce

– Room temperature (I think pizza tastes much better when not hot)

9. Quiche with Chicken, Mushrooms & Sun-dried Tomatoes 


It’s pizza, it’s a pastry, it’s a pie, it’s the best thing ever!

Best with: Lots of cheese

8. Prawn Tempura


The crispier, the better!

7.Crispy Chopsuey 


Pasta with a twist! I fell in love with the crispy noodles chopsuey at a Chinese restaurant when I was a child. Still haven’t fallen out of love with it!

6. Dry Beef Chilli 


You need a very high tolerance for spicy food to try out this one but when you do it will be love at first sight! The juicy, succulent, hot, chewy strips of beef will make sure there is a party in your mouth with every single bite.

5. Stir-fried Pasta


I’ve never quite liked saucy pasta dishes. Pasta is best when stir-fried in olive oil with a touch of garlic and everything you love in it. I normally put in prawns, sliced sausages, chunks of barbecued meat, scallops etc

4. Seafood Risotto


Extremely mouth-watering with bits of fish, shrimp and calamari, if made perfectly, this dish can not only make your day but your whole week. The buttery texture of the risotto is the best part!

3. Fried Calamari


Usually served at restaurants as appetizer, this snack, if prepared with a great yummy batter is one of the best!

2. Cooked Shrimp Sushi


I’m not exactly a fan of raw food so I prefer my sushi cooked. Shrimp sushi has been my favourite so far!

1. Chicken Chimichanga


Calling this the best food ever is perhaps an understatement. It’s like a deep fried burrito. It’s very crispy on the outside and filled with spicy, saucy, cheesy chicken on the inside. Topped with sour cream and salsa, it’s best served with mexican rice and/or red beans.

2 comments on “Sam’s Choice Food Awards – Top 10

  1. todaycommai
    July 30, 2013

    This was fun to read… but now I’m hungry! Haha, I love quiche!


    • samtotally
      July 30, 2013

      Haha that’s the worst part. Thanks for stopping by!
      – Sam xx


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