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ASOS Wishlist #2: Bold And Embellished

[Top 10 jewelry picks]

1. ASOS Warrior Gemstone Necklace – £40

ASOS Warrior Gemstone Necklace40-tile

2. Designsix Norwood Metal Collar Necklace – £22

Designsix Norwood Metal Collar Necklace22-tile

3. New Look Glam Triangle Necklace – £9.99

image1xl (1)-tile

4. ASOS Skull Collar Necklace – £25

image1xl (5)-tile

5. ASOS Bunting Torque Necklace – £8

image1xl (4)-tile

6. ASOS Twist Chain Necklace – £8

image1xl (6)-tile

7. New Look Limited Edition Thread Wrap Necklace – £14.99


8. ASOS CURVE Square Clamp Bangle – £12

ASOS CURVE Square Clamp Bangle12-tile

9. ASOS Emblem Coin Earring – £12 [LOVE these!]

ASOS Emblem Coin Earring12-tile

10. New Look Fan Spike Earring – £5.99

image1xl (2)-tile

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