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ASOS Wishlist #3: Shoes And Accessories

1. ASOS Piccadilly Platforms (Black and Nude) – £55

ASOS PICCADILLY Platforms55-tile

2. ASOS Hoax Heeled Red Sandals – £48

ASOS HOAX Heeled Sandals48

3. Karen Millen Glitter Heeled Sandals – £140 [Just gorgeous!!]

Karen Millen Glitter Heeled Sandals140

4. Deepa Gurnani Rhinestone Chain Link Headband – £24

Deepa Gurnani Rhinestone Chain Link Headband24

5. Komono Rubber Seafoam and Salmon Watches – £45

Komono Rubber Seafoam Watch45-tile

6. New Look Celia Crochet Clutch Bag – £12.99

New Look Celia Crochet Clutch Bag12-tile

2 comments on “ASOS Wishlist #3: Shoes And Accessories

  1. domdujour
    August 3, 2013

    I love that Komono watch!


    • samtotally
      August 3, 2013

      Me too! It’s so cute


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