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The Big Wedding – The Big Nothing (Hollywood’s New Low)

Talk about having your expectations smushed!

This weekend I finally got around to watching another movie from my ’10 Must See Movies for Summer 2013′ list ( and my choice was #7, The Big Wedding. The trailer or perhaps even the movie poster is enough to make sure you have high expectations from this star-stuffed family comedy. The movie features  Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams. So what the heck happened you may wonder? Well here goes:

Don and Ellie Griffin’s (Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton) adopted son Alejandro is getting married and the divorced couple is forced to pretend to be happily married to please Alejandro’s Catholic biological mother, Madonna. Somewhere in the equation falls Ellie’s former best friend and Don’s present partner/girlfriend Bebe (Susan Sarandon).


Whirlwind wedding fiascos have been Hollywood’s signature way of making us laugh. But The Big Wedding unfortunately falls short somewhere. The somewhere in my opinion was the wide array of obscenities the movie features. I’m sorry but some of the things I saw respected actors of the 80s engaging in certainly made me want to claw my eyes out. The obscenities in the movie aren’t hilarious but downright embarrassing. The movie could have been as good as Meet The Fockers but instead it succeeds in wasting the talents of some of the industry’s greatest actors on ill-formed, even horrid roles.

Overall, the movie is somewhat entertaining so lower your expectations and ready yourself for spontaneous latinas jumping into lakes butt naked. Amanda Seyfried once again plays a soon to be married bride so there’s nothing new there. The movie is greatly predictable and fairly amusing.

THE BIG WEDDING (2013) Ben Barnes and Amanda Seyfried

One thing to look forward to however is Katherine Heigl, playing Lyla. A character greatly constructed or perhaps greatly portrayed is one of the strongest. I for one thoroughly enjoyed her performance.


I wouldn’t suggest not watching this movie because despite all my criticism I did enjoy watching some of my favourite characters, all in one movie.

3 comments on “The Big Wedding – The Big Nothing (Hollywood’s New Low)

  1. Melanie Sutrathada
    August 4, 2013

    I’ve been thinking about watching this movie but haven’t gotten around to it yet! Similar to your feelings after watching it, I thought it would be a bit predictable (especially with Seyfried in this type of role agan). I’m interested to see Katherine Heigl’s character though! I think she’s such an interesting actress! Thanks for sharing, Sam!



    • samtotally
      August 4, 2013

      Hey Melanie thanks for stopping by. I’ve loved Katherine Heigl since Grey’s Anatomy. I’m dying to watch her play a major role like in her last movie One for the Money. But do watch this movie. You will surely have a better time with lower expectations.


      • Melanie Sutrathada
        August 4, 2013

        Same here! I loved her in Grey’s Anatomy, and thought she was so relatable in 27 Dresses. I’ll definitely be check this one out!


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