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Christmas Eve Musts

Guess who’s back?

I’m back home on winter break and I was just looking for a reason to start posting again. Tonight’s one of the best times of the year. Despite it freezing outside, Christmas eve comes with this lovely warmth and a celebratory mood that cheers you up even if you’re home alone.

So this post is about what I think are some Christmas Eve must-haves (of course apart from the tree and the presents etc)

1. HOOOOT CHOCOLATE (This is obviously my #1)


Marshmallows are a must of course. I recently read somewhere that a place called the City Bakery in New York city serves the best hot chocolate in Manhattan. And guess what? It’s just for $5. Right when you think it couldn’t get any better – it comes with a large homemade marshmallow and a pretzel croissant. Yes, this is exactly what bliss tastes like!

2. Christmas Movies

Best thing to go with that hot chocolate: Huddling up on your favourite spot on your favourite couch and watching Christmas movies. I love Christmas movies because they’re so joyful and cute. And trust me when I say that the feelings of joy and magic they usually convey are almost contagious.

Here’s a list of my all time favourite Christmas movies:

#1 Home Alone


#2 It’s A Wonderful Life


#3 The Nightmare before Christmas


#4 Four Christmases


#5 While You Were Sleeping


3. A Red Coat

Red is the colour of Christmas (it also happens to be my favourite colour but that’s besides the point I’m trying to make). We all own those typical red Christmas sweaters with the occasional reindeers and the candy canes but what I think every girl out there should treat herself to this Christmas is a pretty red coat.

Check out AnnaSophia Robb’s red coat from Carrie Diaries episode 8


4. #GettingYouBakeOn

It isn’t Christmas without that sweet smell of something baking in the oven…

Without Christmas cookies…those pies and the puddings…and fruit caaake ❤

So go cover your kitchen counters in flour and castor sugar cause #tisthetime


The above is just to get you to turn that oven on. (Disclaimer: I didn’t bake those. They’re off my friend’s instagram and they’re just too pretty to not be up here)

Lastly, Merry Christmas to all of you guys reading this!

Make sure to spread the smiles to those who’re needy and can’t celebrate Christmas like we can.

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I’d be here forever
Said I’ll always be a friend
Took an oath I’ma stick it out till the end
Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we’ll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella

This song was just playing on my laptop as I was writing this post. Let me know if I got it stuck in your head 😀

Until next time…


5 comments on “Christmas Eve Musts

  1. kimberlyakinola
    January 5, 2014

    I’ll give anything just to have the first LOL,don’t blame me blame my system that always crave for sweet things


    • samtotally
      January 5, 2014

      tis the season to crave for sweet things 😛


  2. Bumbleberri
    December 25, 2013

    Nice post. Wooop – While you were sleeping is on my list too! Absolute favorite love story. It’s both sweet and hilarious. LOL I just posted something similar on instagram a couple days about my favorite movies and both home alone and while you were sleeping were on it. Yay for similar tastes! (and I def need to watch its a wonderful life xD)


    • samtotally
      December 25, 2013

      Oh you totally should. It’s a wonderful life is the sweetest movie ever! ❤ It was great to know that you like the same movies. Great taste you've got there 😛 Lol thanks for your wonderful comment and Merry Christmas! xx


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