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Of the Red and the Gold

I’ve recently fallen in love with traditional Indian dresses and jewellery. Two colours you’d see just about everywhere are red and gold. This month I saw the trailer of an Indian movie called ‘Ramleela’. The movie features beautiful clothes and jewellery that would take your breath away.


Each costume in the movie is an elaborate work of art with such intricate detail that the word beautiful doesn’t quite suffice when describing just how breathtaking these clothes are.

The jewellery is no less. The earrings are absolutely to die for! They’re the large chunky type that I totally adore. And with earrings like these you’d seriously not require any other piece of jewellery.

Feast your eyes!

ram-leela-stills-ranveer-singh-deepika-padukone-romance-sceneram-leela-13aRamleelaDeepika-Padukone-Jewellwry-in-Ramleela-earringsDeepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh in Ramleela shown to user 34610B_Id_423219_ramleela

Let me know if you loved these as much as I did!

And just in case you feel like dancing around dressed like an Indian princess. Watch this video to find out how that’s done 😉

5 comments on “Of the Red and the Gold

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