Sam, Totally

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Sam, Totally Is Back! (Well at least i think it is)

Hi everybody!

So this blog is more than a year old now. I made it in the summer of 2013 and I was hoping to continue blogging once university life came to a halt in summer 2014. However, I ended up taking a summer semester and went on a vacation and did a whole lot of stuff and didn’t really get the time to return to my summertime blogging.

However, despite having an insane schedule this semester I felt the need to come back to blogging. So this is me making a comeback. I went ahead and made a bunch of changes in Sam, Totally because 2013 me was slightly different from the 2014 me. More on that later. I changed the web address to: sweetescape101 because I feel this sudden need for an outlet so that my brain feels like less of a pressure cooker. Lets see if I can continue this.

Sam, totally takes on junior year.

Keep reading. More posts soon!

Sam xx

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