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Meet Superwoman

Hey all!

I just remembered how I once wrote this post about how much I loved Jenna Marbles.


And I was like HEYYY they need to know about Superwoman! So Superwoman is this great YouTuber who also has this amazing Facebook page ( and a gorgeous Instagram profile in addition to various hilarious YouTube videos she keeps posting weekly. She’s pretty cool and the one reason that I absolutely adore her is this entire ‘stay positive’ motto that she keeps talking about.

She refers to herself as Lilly Singh in her videos, lives in Canada and is of Indian descent which clearly shows in most of her videos. One of my favourite ones is ‘Types of Parents’ and trust me if you are what we call a ‘desi’ kid, you’d definitely relate to most of the things she mentions. However, you can be from anywhere in the whole entire world and still manage to have some major LOLs while watching her videos.

So if you didn’t care to read the big fat paragraphs up there, here are the precise reasons you should watch ||Superwoman|| on YouTube:

1. She can make you laugh on the crappiest of days

Oh yes she can! I for one am not much of a sobfest so if stuff gets to me enough to make my rock solid cold heart upset I carry out this foolproof regime of watching Superwoman, Jenna Marbles follwed by Ellen Degeneres videos on YouTube. Add some serious carb loading to that and your day will be full of smiles and life would feel like hugs. 

2. She has characters inspired by her parents in some of her videos that she plays herself

Meet her dad Lillindar Singh

And her mom:

Oh I love these two!

3. She’s pretty damn gorgeous!

I LOVE her sense of style and I literally want ALL the Tshirts she wears in her YouTube videos


4. Also, she’s like BFFs with Raj from The Big Bang Theory


5. If you still didn’t think she was amazing enough, well she can also rap!

Check out the official video of Leh:–NqtZH06o

Keep smily xx

Sam, Totally

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